Saturday, April 25, 2015

" Things to do when you're stuck in Divisoria "


I haven't been to Divisoria for the longest time. Even though, I live (more or less) just minutes away. The place has changed a lot through the years, but there are some things that pretty much stays the same. So, when on a sudden whim, I decided to visit this place on a sunny afternoon, (that was the day before the holy week) Mom and Pepperoni were a bit surprised, but they did agree to tag along with me. So, we hailed a tricycle and were off to "Diviseoux" - our own bourgeois word for: Divisoria.

To make it short, we shopped, bought a lot of affordable goodies. I love sale, bangketa, tiangge, flea markets. Never seem to get tired of it. But I hate crowds. Ironic right?! ^-^ We were like tourists, the usual strolling and browsing, even brought our handy GoPro. The smallest thingy gadget that doesn't look too obvious when you're pulling out a camera. You know how big eyed pickpockets and snatchers lurked around the area. Sadly, after more than a few decades, Divisoria, like any other busy streets, are filled with masamang elements, so just be street smart, don't parade your android phones, or your big wad of cash, and don't wear too flashy and if you can, blend with the crowd. ^0^

The imposing monument of Gat Andres Bonifacio
What is it with little kids and monuments? they seem to be pretty attached to it. GOPR7329

This is the local flea market scene. It is open everyday of the week, from morning to night time. The newly appointed Vice Mayor, I.Moreno, tried to e-hem, beautified and organized the whole area, giving a chance for peddlers and hawkers to sell their products. This particular street has been pedestrianized and newly installed orange booths were designed so that they can have their own space.

Was Ate smiling at my camera?! Those casseroles on the right are Mirienda, not sure what kind of food she was selling though. GOPR7331






Pedicure: More fun in the Philippines .
This is very Manila, where a local manicurista get the nails done in a jiffy. No need to go to your fussy beauty parlour. GOPR7346






Watches for sale: 2 for 150 pesos.

Fish balls anyone?


Poor kid, so worn out that he takes his baby sleep in that small space, while his mother was tending to this booth. That's how hard it is to earn a living here.

Fresh Mangoes for only 25 pesos!

Why this is called a Full Over is still puzzling to me.

These ladies were so glued infront of the telly. ^0^ Probably watching their favorite teleserye. GOPR73523

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  1. OMG!!!!! I looooove Divisoria. During my college days, I lived in a dorm in Recto, near Malacanang. On good days, we would walk the length of Recto to Divisoria - ang layo no? - to shop. Love the fishball, the mangoes, all the shopping and tawaran. I love the heeled flipflop or fullover, buy me one or ten :), size 5 LOL!!!!!

    1. grabe! how did you even manage that? nowadays, mga tamad na talaga kami, we just rely on pedicabs. ^0^
      haha! the fullover will be sent to you shortly. ^-^

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