Saturday, February 28, 2015

" How are you Manila? "

 photo IMG_2170_zpshsqsqfpc.jpg
The busy streets and the hoi polloi of Manila. The same run of the mill setting. location: CM Recto - 7-sih at night what you see: the tricycle, the jeep and the bike. How you wish almost two years of hiatus, this city could do a bit of improvement... Not!

Sadly, it's still polluted and traffic. and don't even get me started about politics.. Pretty much everything's the same. Outside Manila though, there seems to be more improvement. More restos and hip shopping malls abound.

But in the heart of the city, what was once a glorified and well-known sight, is slowly becoming like a rundown.

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  1. Hi Arabesque, nice to see you back.. So not many changes over the last two years, I can't say the same about Perth, too many changes :)

  2. Welcome back! Hope you find more inspiration to show off the metropolis that we both love. This length of CM Recto was my stomping ground for 5 years of my life. I love it here. I love the chaos, the traffic, the horn, the smells, the heat. I love everything about it.

  3. Very nice blog writes for Manila City.


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