Friday, March 13, 2015

" daily life in Manila "

 photo IMG_2143edited_zpstfdwhxgw.jpg
peeking through one of the makeshift houses along Rizal Ave.

Those plastic bottles outside the window aka : his " Kalakal " {recyclable goodies} collection, where his next trip will be a visit to the junk shop

A common sight for those who are commuting everyday.

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  1. I have my own kalakal pile neatly collected inside a big trash bag. Usually my brother takes it to the recycling center then gives the money to his grandkids. Win win situation. Missing your posts. Hope you're having a fine summer so far.

    1. ^0^ hehe! what a nice idea, definitely a win-win.
      weather here is starting to get warm, I want to believe that it feels like spring, when it actually is hot and humid summer. ^0^

  2. My sister also does kalakal. My aunt runs a recycling center in our town, so my sister sort of helps with the managing. I used to see a lot these makeshift homes when traveling around Manila.

  3. while you don't see makeshift houses in most part of the high-end districts, sadly, they still abound Manila. :(


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