Friday, January 20, 2012

" Paris and Me "

more from here and there...

I ran into a sculpture near Musee Cluny and find this plaque of Montaigne.
Michel de Montaigne had this to say...

"Paris a mon coeur des mon enfance,
Je ne suis francais que par cette grande cite grand surtout et incomparable
en variete
la gloire de la france et l'un des plus nobles ornements du monde."

google translate it as:
Paris was my heart of my childhood
I'm french by this great city especially great and incomparable in variety
the glory of France and one of the noblest ornaments of the world.

poetic isn't it?!

and this is a Photo Exhibition outside Jardin de Luxembourg,
from the RER-luxembourg exit, we literally wheeled out
our luggage all the way to our hotel and each minute the load gets heavier.
I knew it was going to take us 15mts or more, but darn!
that walk took forever.
So, on the last day, we took the shuttle bus instead. ^-^


P.O. box -
I always like taking fotos of mail box, each city is different from the other,
apparently, their mails are segregated as overseas and locals,
now that's something new to me.

This is a typical "Metro" sign station.

In touristy spots like Jardin de tuileries etc, you'd sure to find one pesky lady like this,
asking for donations and whatnot.

I'd never forget La Madeleine, not because of its structure which, by the way looks historic as ever.
but because, apart from the obelisk at Place de la Concorde, it's become our point of origin,
whenever we got lost and seem perplexed by the map, we had to find our way back to this area. ^0^
It was also around this area, in Rue st. Honore where you'd find the famous La Duree,
Oui, the scrumptious maccarons. ^0^
We bought Rose petals and Pistachios.



and where a kind french bourgeois lady approached us out of nowhere and offered to help.


5th arrondissment, Le Pantheon.
The weather was against us that day.
It was afternoon-ish and foggy, misty, cloudy all rolled into one,
and the camera couldn't catch the right tone.
..and to think that I was looking forward to see this one...


In Paris, there are these courtyards and narrow cobbled streets like this one.
Very parisian eh?!...

Me, the Map and La Roue ( Ferriswheel ). ^0^
literally beside Place de la Concrode.

and fancy lights along the strips of champs elysee.


twinkling display of lights around champs elysee

and here's my favorite bridge, ^0^
where promises are for keeps.
the pont des arts or better yet, the bridge of love.

and of course, we went all the way to Centre de George Pompidou.
suddenly, it seems like you were transported into a different setting of Paris.

On our way to Pigalle, we passed by Gare St. Lazare station.
again, this area gives you the other side of Paris, that is less touristy, mostly middle class area.

and there's the famous Moulin Rouge, almost missed it! ^0^

and the whole trip wouldn't be memorable without meeting a friend.
Here's the three of us, Peter, Pepperoni and Me. ^0^
If you want to know more about Paris and its story,
then you have to visit Peter's Blog On this LiNK.

So, that ends my BCN and Paris trip.
Hope you enjoyed the fotos as much as I did.
I will be posting it soon on my other blog, Mon JOurnal du Voyage
this time, with more details.
sorry it took me some time to post,
just sorting out the pictures takes time and where to begin is another,
not to mention loads of work from real life.
ha! I just had my long break but I think I still needed one. ^-^

next post, it's back to Manila once again. ^-^

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  1. Thank you Arabesque for sharing these. I have truly enjoyed your images and your comments. Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Very nice! Did you try the wasabi cookies?

  3. no, i didn't know there's wasabi flavor, i wonder what it tastes like...

  4. I can but repeat that you really did the maximum... walking around in a misty and grey Paris! May I suggest that you try to come back during brighter days? Good that you warned about the hundreds of falsely deaf ladies that you now find round the city!
    I will follow your other blog for more details! :-)

  5. Love the shot with your hand, the map, and the ferris wheel! Paris sounds like a dream :D

  6. having seen both cities, which does your heart love more :) (intrigahin kita)

  7. peter: hah!^0^ i only wish I have enough break and long weekends to spend. but tnx for the suggestion,
    i know Hiver can be grey, unfortunately, it's the only break I have. ^0^
    la prochaine fois, peut etre. ^-^

    kaori: haha! tnx dear! ^0^ that time, i was already beat from walking for almost 12 hours! no kidding and thought, why not take a nonsense foto like this.

    pc: oh no! my heart says Paris right now, but later, it shouts BCN. haha! i don't know,
    i have to say that i really love them both and if i were to take the same route again, i definitely would. ^0^


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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