Wednesday, January 18, 2012

" Paris and Me "

Part II

The first day we arrived from Paris, Peter from "Peter's Paris", a dear friend and blogger,
was kind and nice to show us around and gave us a quick tour of the place.
the three of us walked from our hotel towards La Seine, the Notre Dame, the Grand Palais
and finally the Louvre museum.
I.M. Pei's design, no matter how controversial it used to be, looks stunning at night as it is in daytime.
You can't help but say wow! once you see the structure.


I clearly forgot how we end up here.
But it's the Arc du Carrousel, a petite version of Arc de triomphe.
I remember asking Peter if this was the Triomphe because I was looking forward to it
and because it was dark, I was quick to assume it was.


and so this is the imposing Arc du triomphe.
see the difference right?! ^-^
Tourists are everywhere that it's hard to get a good photo op without someone's head popping out.


Now, on our last day, we were already cramming because we think missed out on a lot of sights
clearly, we sort of wasted our 3rd day, a long story, something to do with Peppperoni's friend who we decided to meet
but came out to be a disaster, ugh! skipping this part...
so we decided that we had to at least visit L'Opera Garnier. ^0^

Then, we head on to La Fayette and Printemps and did some window shopping.
The structure even looks better at night, with all the fancy lights on.

this is a glimpse of Jardin de tuileries, not our plan to visit but glad we did,
the scenery, the greenery, plus the monuments are a must see here.

a visit to Musee D'Orsay, and this is just its entrance,
just look at the heap of people.

on our way to La Tour that same day, not knowing there's a museum nearby,
we chance upon Musee Quai Branly.
Apparently, my research wasn't enough. ^-^

and again, more postings soon.

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  1. nice to have a local show you their town. i think that's the best way to see a city.

  2. Love this post Arabesque. Seems like you had a nice time in Paris. Well who wouldn't?

  3. That's one of the very good things with blogging: you can actually travel around the world and visit friends everywhere.

  4. It was really nice to meet you and your sister! I see that you did the max of your much too short visit, disturbed by rain, fog... Next time, try April or September! :-)

  5. I feel the same as you when I see your photos. Paris is a dream, my best destination.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  6. Oh the architecture is SO GORGEOUS! Looks like you had a wonderful trip, Arabesque :D


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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