Tuesday, January 17, 2012

" Paris and Me "

Paris is a city that i've been longing to visit since forever and I'm glad I finally did. ^0^
I'm also glad that I don't have to go through that torturing process with the french embassy
or else It would leave a tainted impression.

So, how do I summarize my trip? hmm...
Eventhough a bit tired from my morning flight from BCN to Paris and whilst, still missing a bit of Gaudi's architecture.
Paris throws at you this gigantic airport from terminal2 to terminal3,
I kid you not but you need to have good stamina and efficient feet because walking is the
name of the game. ^0^
Paris is a melange of old and new history all mold into one.
It's interesting and it doesn't bore you.
I've had my fair share to talk with a few Parisians in french and they were all very nice
and helpful ( in my opinion ), and not snobbish or rude as some people might have said. ^0^

First, on our list that is a must visit, bien-sur! The imposing Eiffel Tower.
We had to re-visit this more than twice, bec. the on the 1st night we were already tired, the 2nd night, it was literally foggy and
we couldn't get a glimpse of it,
so we had no choice but to go there again the next day and Voila! this is the a.m shot. ^-^
we got into the back view.

This is the 2nd night, can you almost see Eiffel lost amidst the fog? ^0^
we thought we were lost because we couldn't find La tour.

On our last night,we finally caught up with him.
It was magical and really beautiful, eventhough, it was raining and my boots were already wet and my hands were starting to shiver. ^0^

Happenstance when I found this poster stating Paris, Pas cher "not expensive"... which is clearly the opposite,
everything from water to food is plus cher. ^0^

But I did manage to find something cheap from Gibert et Joseph, around the 6th arrondissment, 50 cents books!
you don't get that kind of bargain here in Manila, much less a nice french book.
so I was like a madman scouring for any good titles
and happily bought at least 10. but if only my luggage could take more... ^0^
I love books as much as I like shopping and they're always 2nd on my list.

Notre dame at anytime of the day looks stunning as ever and this was taken from the point of view of La Seine.
Even at night, the church is just filled with tourist all piled up curious to see what's inside.
A pity as this was my favorite to visit list but due to time constraint, I wasn't able to absorb its beauty more than I would've wanted to.

This is the view from La Seine during the morning.
If you're familiar with the english singer called "Adele"- then, take a look at her video "SOmeone Like You," the setting was here done in Black and white.

more postings... tomorrow. ^-^

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  1. Ah every one should experience Paris at least once in their life.

  2. Brilliant post Arabesque, Paris is my very favorite city in the world! I agree with you about books, love them too. I'm a bit excited to see more of your Paris shots, I'm glad you really enjoyed you trip.


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