Tuesday, June 7, 2011

" Philippine Post Office "

Let's take a look inside the post office of Manila.
Bacically, this is how it looks like.
Its design were mostly of repeptitive patterns, from the flooring, to the windows, even the ceiling.
I didn't go further down the hall,
the security guard in front of the entrance was quick to notice my camera and told me that
without a permit, I couldn't take any photos inside, so he asked me for what purpose was it for.
I said it's for my blog that promotes clearly about Manila.
oh, Here we go again... ^0^


And like you, I'm glad to see its interior because,
I have never visited this place before even if I have passed by
a hundred times. ^-^


And these are some of the highlights for this month,
what it used to be like during the days.

* Jose Rizal is one of our national heroes and a true patriot. *


more close up details tomorrow.

ps: dear Missy,

For your delectable Laing request,
hope you don't mind this (deja vu) archived foto.
I hope it's enough to make you hungry. ^0^


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  1. Thanks for the idea! Wonderful PO!

  2. This is a beautiful building, Arabesque. I must remember that about the camera. Clever girl.

  3. Sometimes it's really difficult to understand why you are not allowed to take certain photos. ... and sometimes you obey, sometimes you don't. :-)

  4. Really beautiful! Thanks Arabesque.

  5. I remember how much I enjoy my rare visits to the post office. I wish I visited more often, but it was always so crowded before, if I remember correctly.

    PS. Pafedex naman ng laing oh.

  6. I've been there once during my college days. It was so crowded.

    In here, I started to be cautions on taking pictures as there are expats being jailed because of taking pictures of public buildings.

    Oh! Thank you so much for posting the LAING photo.Mas lalo akong nasabik!! I'm actually counting the days :)

  7. The inside is just as magnificent as the outside! I love seeing the blue postboxes places inside, too :D

  8. Beautiful interiors, I hope they continue to preserve it.

  9. rob n mandy, luis: tnx for the wonderful thoughts! ^0^

    bfg: haha, tnx bfg and for dropping by, haven't heard from you in awhile. ^-^

    peter: hence, taking fotos can be quite challenging.
    tnx for dropping by.

    photo cache: really crowded? haha,
    maybe times are changing, gone are the snail mails.
    now, if only i can send you some laing...hmmm. ^0^

    misalyn: that's what p.c said too, so, i was sort of lucky pala, the place was just dead silent that day, kaya ata nakita kaagad camera ko. hehe. ^0^

    kaori: tnx kaori chan,
    sadly, unlike in other countries,
    we rarely see those bleu boxes placed outside anymore.

  10. i dream lo tech: tnx! ^0^
    oh, i hope they can continue maintaining this structure and make it more inviting and less scary.
    i also wish they'd put on fancy lights at night. ^0^

  11. I wonderful reminder of the days when sending letters was the a really important activity in the life of the citizens. Now postmen mainly seem to deliver junk mail. All other communication has moved to the telephone or the internet.

    (Except, of course, for the odd love letter.)


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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