Wednesday, June 8, 2011

" Mr. Postman "

One attraction outside the Post Office is this friendly waving statue- Mr. Postman.
Which clearly reminds me of Karen Carpenter's song.
I love how Blossom Flower Girl calls it Mr. Postie too. ^0^


and whatever angle he's posing, he's sure on the go !


There's also a plaque beside the statue that read:

< The Postman
Erected on 15th September 1975.
It represents the thousands of dedicated men and women of the
Philippine Postal Service.

A symbol of service excellence,
It delivers mail that touches the lives of people across the country and
around the world.
Rededicated by the men and women of the Philippine postal service the
6th day of November 2000. >


I think it will be a great idea if they could use it as an official mascot
or a symbol.

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  1. Really love the building but I'm not sure about Mr. Postman. He's almost like a Ken doll; seems a bit off beside such a magnificent building.

    In any case, you took great shots!

  2. haha, now that you've mentioned it,
    he does look a bit funny. ^0^

  3. Hey hey, wait a minute, Mr Postman!

  4. I love that song! Reminds me of Sister Act! Great photos of the postman statue. I think the words on the plaque are lovely. And I really appreciate them because I still write letters :D


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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