Sunday, April 24, 2011

" Brick Lane "


Once a upon a time, it used to be a structure that was in tiptop shape.
But now, it's decayed and rotten.


It doesn't help when the government leaves it behind and
abandons the whole structure.

I was particularly drawn at its details,
will be sharing more of this tomorrow.

despite my absence,
thanks dear bloggies for visiting and saying hi! ^0^
really appreciate your thoughts.

Happy easter all!

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  1. Happy Easter to you. I love urban decay, your shots are great. Doesn't look like the Brick Lane where I used to live in London...

  2. Sad news about the building but it did make for an artsy, cool photo!
    Happy Easter wishes

  3. I can see the remains of a very beautiful's kind of sad how it is now. But you actually make it seem like a work of art, Arabesque!

    Hope you had a lovely Easter :-D

  4. luis, kaori, leif: tnx! ^0^

    rob n mandy: haha, that's bec. I was actually inspired by Monica Ali's novel. ^-^

  5. from what i know, the central bank of the philippines will fund the restoration of this building, intendencia, which will house the spanish division of the National Archives, but in return the first floor will be the central bank museum as it was the bank's former headquarters.


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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