Monday, April 18, 2011

" Pretty maids all in a row "


Aside from food, Pinoys also have a thing for fashion and
in one of my drive-by photos, I chance upon a group of women sitting
on a fountain outside Sta. Cruz church with a splash
of these colorful shirts. ^0^

..and don't mind the title,
It's just another gibberish phrase that I could think of...^-^

I wish everyone a peaceful week ahead,
It's going to be Holiday this Maundy thursday till easter Sunday as we observe
Holy week and while the rest of the peeps are off to the beach or some in a
holier sense visit churches, reflect and pray.
Me, I'm just looking forward for some break and a very long weekend.

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  1. I also noted the vibrantly colorful tees. I like seeing them.

    That is a line or is it a title in an Eagles song.

  2. haha! good guess! ^0^
    it was from the eagles alright.

  3. What a wonderful colorful image!

  4. I bet they all called each other to see what color the others were wearing ;D Cute colors!

  5. Happy Easter to you! Having a 4 days weekend as well. The weather forecast for Easter is absolutely awful, hope it will be better for you.

  6. Love the title--Pretty Maids in a Row. Interesting they all have a different brightly colored shirt on. Very nice. Mickie :)

  7. Just sitting around is one of my favorite things to do :-)

    Take care and have a great weekend :-)


  8. A nice prelude for a long awaited holiday. Wish you have a splendid weekend and take care.

  9. Gandang tingnan ng colorful tees nila pati na rin ang "sizes" nila. :))


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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