Sunday, January 9, 2011

" Osaka, here we go! "

Osaka entry:
That morning,
we're headed to Nara Park (奈良公園) which is around an hour from our hotel,
that area is also where the Todaiji temple is located, the largest wooden building in the world.
But the thing we're excited about was Pepperoni and I can't wait to see and
touch the deers.

we had a scrumptious breakfast at Nankai Swisotel.

the hotel lobby

my comment though:
it's a 5 star hotel but doesn't seem like it,
the lobby looks exquisite but sadly not the rooms.
A bit outdated.
one thing though, it's accessible to anywhere you're headed.
Beside a posh dept. store (Takashimaya), minutes to railway stations,
walking distance to Shimsaibashi and Dotombori.

I wasn't expecting to see deers all over the area, but they're everywhere.
my first capture : its cute furry white butt

and like people, their eyes squint in the rays of the sun.
they're so adorable to look at.

while some were a bit aggressive, others were laid back
amidst the people that pass by.

and because we still have one leftover ramen pack, we decided to feed them with ramen instead of
buying deer crackers
see those ramens up close? ^0^

the deer crackers costs 150 yen.
(鹿煎餅 Shika-senbei)

and beware of deer dungs, they're literally everywhere.
surprisingly, they don't smell though.
I think i've step on a few. ^-^

this is me while giving food to this deer.

and then, there were 3, they're quite amiable actually,
they were trained to bow a few times if they want something to eat,
a bit persistent though and some of them, esp the male ones would
literally follow you.

i was trying to raise my food goodie or they'll quickly hover you.

and they don't bite, so don't provoke them. ^0^
here's one tourist, looks like he's been circled by these deers.
I thought they're going to attack him or something... ^0^

when the tour guide said that these deers love eating papers, i thought she's bluffing.
On our way out to the park were these parked bicycles.
We saw these deers looking very suspicious, but
of course, they're eating those papers inside the basket. ^-^

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  1. Love them! Great images. Eating paper?

  2. I've actually never been to Nara before! I hear stories, though! haha. Glad you survived and got fabulous photos as well ;-D

  3. Oh dear! Very nice photos! And so nice to see you as well!

  4. that's a very nice experience.

    i like your capture of the hotel lobby, it does look expensive.

  5. that's a wonderful experience...nice captures. I agree with Rob, indeed it's so nice to see your face...finally ;).


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