Saturday, January 8, 2011

" Shinkansen and Me "

We didn't get the chance to have an overnight stay in Kyoto,
as soon as the sun sets, we hurriedly went to Kyoto Station on board the
fastest transportation ever, the Shinkansen ride.

From Kyoto we're off to Shin-Osaka.
What normally would take you 1 hour via bus, only took us 15mts. to get there.
That's fast right?!
But tickets(in my opinion) doesn't come cheap,
so does an ordinary taxi ride or even its JR railways.
It's like booking an ordinary plane ticket.

This is a quick look inside the station

Ticket entrance

But while waiting, we saw KitKat-, what's unique about them is that
it's Green tea and Hojicha inspired,
hmmm, I wonder what they tastes like.

and love, love this tote bag inspired.
basically, you buy a piece of cloth,choose a pattern, be creative
and design one of your own,
now i know i couldn't buy one as the price is too steep, plus
i'm don't have any talent when it comes to sewing. ^0^

The 700 shinkansen...

If I hesitated one second, I wouldn't caught this timely shot.

while waiting for our ride, capturing fotos here and there.

finally the long wait's over...


and then, here's what it looks inside Cabin 14.

ps: my next post will be all about Osaka,
the last part of our trip.
one of the best spots to dine and see glimmering lights at night.

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  1. Once again, great shots. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It is amazing how fast these trains are.

  2. I loved taking the trains and especially the SHINKANSEN in Japan when I was an English teacher there in 1990! And again a Shinkansen ride from Nagoya to Osaka on my trip back to Japan in October 2007!

  3. luis: thanks! ^0^
    the speed was so fast that it'd be dizzy to look outside.

    leif: haha, no wonder you know how to speak a bit of Japanese. ^0^
    yes, the ride was uber fun, even if it meant just sitting there. ^-^

  4. I took coca-cola and lemon soda kit-kits to my friends in DC and they loved it! hehe. We have kit-kats for every season and city, it seems ;-D

    Can't wait to see Osaka! I need to post my pics from when I went home to Osaka, too.

  5. kaori: oh, can't wait to see your fotos of Osaka too, when was that? ^0^

  6. Been to Japan twice, I always thought I was on another planet. In a good way, of course!


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