Monday, September 13, 2010

" a store called Besa's "


Ask every shoe expert if they know " Besa's " and I'm sure they've heard it already.

Though its exterior doesn't do justice, uninviting and perhaps a bit outdated.
It's been around quite a while, since 1935.
The first shop opened in Escolta (I posted last week), back then,
it was the "In" hub of Manila.

The shoes are mostly made to order, handmade, it's good and detailed craftsmanship, hence, the prices don't come cheap.

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  1. Perfect! I am glad the store is still in business.

  2. So what would “not cheap” mean in € or $? Good that such business exists and survives! :-)

  3. I like their sign in the corner! Does it light up at night? :D


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