Wednesday, September 15, 2010

" Capitol Theatre "

In 1935, a grand cinema was erected in the midst of Escolta,
the legendary Capitol Theatre.
Looking at its facade, one can appreciate the styles of art deco,
designed by architect Juan Nakpil.


History tells us that the theatre was shaped like a man's head.
But upon observation, I don't know where he took his inspiration.
It looks pretty dilapidated now, after leaving this place abandoned
and deserted for decades.
Last 2008, the rest of the theatre which was being used as a restaurant
has been demolished.
Alas, this is what's left, nothing but a single chinese character.


I wish I could show you an up close look of this place especially the
intricate bas relief.
But the sun was against me during that time, not to mention the heat and
since it's a weekday, traffic was bad and cars were everywhere.

Here's one last look on this once historic building.


melody: Almost lover - A fine frenzy

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  1. very interesting. it's disheartening that the govt wasn't into preserving as much of the old buildings as they could. must also be cost prohibitive to bring these historical buildings up to code now adays.

  2. Arabesque, what a beautiful building. Art-deco has always had some kind of magic. It is sad to see it that way. I do love your first image and what seems to be the neon sign.

  3. Great shots, Arabesque! Shaped like a man's that's creative! ;D

  4. Does nobody preserve such historical buildings???

  5. An impressive building. It is saddening to see the beautiful old buildings left to decay. A pity governments don't realise what they have and their potential to preserve for posterity.

  6. photo cache: it is...^0^ and you know how it is here, we always want something new that we forget the old one.

    luis gomez: tnx! ^0^
    yes it does and sadly, there are quite a few art deco bldgs. left.

    kaori: haha, thanks!

    rob n mandy: ^0^ it's costly and time constraining that's why.
    they'd rather build a new one instead.

  7. blossom flower girl:
    i know... ^0^ tnx!


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