Thursday, September 16, 2010

" Passerelle "

The things I do when I'm passing through the footbridge along Sta. Mesa.

Bending down to get this shot, lucky there's noone else around. ^0^

Now that's the railway transit on the left, some fancy signage and the route back to Manila.

That's looking up to the sky, on the left is a new high rise condominium,
the SM residences called the Mezza, owned by tycoon Henry Sy.


and this is looking down at its main intersection road.


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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a pink bridge before!

  2. This was fun. Love crossing the bridge with you.

  3. so pretty in pink. i cannot believe there was no one around. what time did you shoot this?

  4. Hehehe, we both posted Bayani's pink chuva today.

    I find these huge, criss-crossing footbridges fascinating. Pero ang tigas ng ulo ng mga tao talaga — look at those nursing students crossing on the street!

  5. rob n mandy: apparently the ex-chairman really likes this color. ^0^

    luis g: tnx! ^0^

    photo cache: ^-^ that would be around 4-ish in the afternoon.

    hilda: i know! ^-^
    well you know how stubborn they are sometimes.
    there;s the convenient bridge but no, they prefer risking their lives, then blamed the drivers for not avoiding them.

  6. Love love love the pink bridge! That is so cute! And I can never get tired of seeing a jeepney :D
    Great shots, Arabesque!

  7. am still wondering what was the reason why MMDA painted the bridges with pink:))

    Dami pa rin matitigas ang ulo! hay mga nursing students pa naman :((


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