Thursday, August 12, 2010

" Ramadan "

Today is the 1st day that Muslims will observe "Ramadan", considered to be sacred, it's the month of fasting as they abstain themselves from drinking and doing other unhealthy activities, thereby purifying and cleansing themselves.


So I thought I'd show you the other side of Manila, where the Muslims have been praying and have started reading the Qur'an.
Because almost 80% of the population are Catholic believers, there are only a few Mosques here.
One in Quiapo and the other in Baclaran area, where ironically, both famous Catholic churches are situated.


This one here is in Quiapo.
It's still under renovation when I took these fotos, I think it was last november.
I've been wanting to post it but couldn't find the right timing for it.
I'm sure the mosque would look more appealing by now.


As a non-muslim, this is the closest I could get, i wish i could see its interior,
I can only admire the onion dome shape roof, that's very significant in this moorish inspired architecture although not as extravagant like the others.
I do like this doorway, it's an interesting pattern.


From where i was standing, this is what it looks like.


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  1. These are wonderful. Thank you for posting them.

  2. The decorative patterns are colourful and 'native-like'. It's unique. What amazes me is the use of bamboo scaffolds for doing the renovation works.

  3. The decorative patterns are beautiful. I wouldn't have known where to find mosques in Manila, but your photos help me see that there are beautiful mosques too there. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm a moslem and I don't think there is a restriction about a non moslem entering a mosque. You could probably ask.

  4. beautiful design.

    thanks for telling us about ramadan. i don't have muslim friends here so i am not aware.

  5. Were you PhilStar's photographer for their front page image? It's exactly like your middle photo! :)

    I've never been to the mosque, even outside. Thanks for the lovely photos!

  6. I've never been to the mosque in Baclaran. Kala ko sa may Quiapo lang meron sa buong metro Manila.

    Ramadan Kareem!

  7. luis: tnx! ^-^

    Mood: yes,the bamboo thing,
    apparently, we still use the old fashion way. ^0^

    eki: tnx!
    next time, i'll try to ask if i can go inside but, in here, i think they're a bit srict about it. ^0^

    photo cache: ^-^

    hilda: haha, no way! ^0^
    now they'll think i stole their fotos.

    misalyn: hehe, ako din, till i saw a moon shaped dome. ^0^
    i've never been to that other mosque yet but cguro, Quiapo's better.


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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