Friday, August 27, 2010

" Before it rains..."


The clouds played a dramatic role in this photo.
It's hopeful and the colors are just vivid.
A slight hint of orange but mostly blues.
Then minutes after, It started to rain,
The sky suddenly went bleak.
That's what we've been having these days.

more skywatch galore!

melody: Going Home- Chris Daughtry

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  1. Beautiful indeed... but when can one expect the sky to be really welcoming for a tourist? I have some ideas of visiting!

  2. So many boats! Where are they all going?

  3. what a delightful image. what's that mt range in the background?

  4. You're one lucky girl to have caught such a gorgeous moment! I love the deep blue-ish purple hues! Happy friday, Arabesque :D

  5. absolutely beautiful sissy! Terrific capture!

    ingat lage.....pag ganyan ang panahon nagkalat sa paligid ang flu virus. If you're not taking vit. C better na mag-take ka or simply drink fresh juices.

  6. hehe ;) i think you should follow Misalyn's advice Arabesque ;)

    whew! i miss blogging i mean my flip-flops and backpack :) anyway love your shot girl, breathtaking!

    have a wonderful weekend Ara!

    *off topic:

    weee!!! excited na ko girlash! Michael and me will travel to Provence in France this September :) pray for us na maging safe ang trip namen, and thank you for your comments on my site, God Bless...

  7. So vivid and vibrant. Very nice image~

  8. Fantastic photo - wonderful cloud and colour.
    Melbourne Daily Photo


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