Monday, August 30, 2010

" This and That "

Some bizaare things you'll find around the local market...
From left to right:
Naptalina at Alkampor - Naphthalene and Camphor
Tawas (buo at durog) - Alum (whole or crushed)
Insenso at Kamanyang - Incense and Frankincense
Lason sa daga - Poison for rats
and a whole lot of weird stuffs. ^0^


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  1. I truly love this picture. Wonderful stuff!

  2. This is great. Says a lot about our country. :-)

  3. Depending on the circumstance, I suppose all those things can be really useful. I'd love one of the blocks of frankincense!
    About my window shopping post (thanks for all your comments, by the way!), with safe, I meant safe for my wallet, the shops being closed.

  4. "Lason sa daga" I should remember this so I don't mistakenly buy some and eat it! Thanks Arabesque :D


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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