Thursday, August 26, 2010

" Mc Donalds "


Fast food craze is one of pinoy's lifestyle.
We call them "Mc-do" for short and
a memorable slogan : "Love ko'to!" - I love it!
Competitions have been steep these past few years, that enticing the public for a bite to eat
with a whopping price of 25.- less than a dollar for a piece of burger, a float, some fries or a sundae.
what more could you ask for ? ^0^

melody: lack of color- death cab for a cutie

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  1. I'm not a Mc Donald's lover, but it's ok to have it every now and then. Not too often though. :D

  2. i had fond memories of mcdo cheeseburgers. i don't eat that anymore. i only go to mcdo for the coffee nowadays.

  3. Is there any native cuisine that is equally fast (though without the plastic Disney toys)?

  4. Nice colorful shot! I used to be a fan but no longer.

  5. Colorful photo! That's unbelievable! P25? Sana noong bakasyon ko na lang meron nyan. My boys love cheeseburgers.

  6. McDonald's french fries are going to be the death of me! Such a craving sometimes ;D

  7. tnx for all your comments guys! ^0^

    eki, randy, luis: tnx!

    photo cache, kaori, misalyn:
    my fave would be nuggets and fries! ^0^

    ab: ooh! i used to collect those toys. ^0^


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