Tuesday, May 25, 2010

" This is Reality "


melody: How to save a life - The fray

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  1. And way too many people in the world don't realize how lucky they are.

  2. Hi! I agree that this is indeed reality, but it is only part of what's out there. There are many countries around the world who will never see this scene unless they see it on the news or Google for developing countries or poverty. And this is why I believe that education is key - education for those who wish to help alleviate poverty around the world.

    Norwich Daily Photo

  3. indeed! kaya pag nakakakita ako ng ganyan, all I can say is "Thank you so much Lord for the gift of life and for all the blessings"

    Sana lang napagtutuunan ng pansin 'to ng gobyerno.

  4. Hard work for a mother having to push her offspring around the city.


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