Monday, May 24, 2010

" KaraoKe "

seen on a saturday night along the streets of Malate.


It's been awhile since I last went to a karaoke bar.
It used to be a popular get together thing, meet our with friends, sing till you ran out of voice, but business isn't so good these days and competitions are stiff that other establishments have better to offer.
Take this for example, For P 50.- = est. 1$ per hour, you can sing all you want,
from 3-7pm, off peak hours.

melody: F*#* You- Lily allen

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  1. Our karaoke establishments are a bit more expensive. But yes, I lke the decent ones - we call them family karaoke.

    It's a great night shot!

  2. I like the way "arabesque copyright 2010" seems to be up in lights, too.

  3. eki: yup, i meant the decent ones. ^0^ the exterior looks doubtful but it's not what you think. ^0^

    ab: haha! tnx! i take that as a compliment. ^0^


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