Wednesday, May 26, 2010

" Santol "

The taste: It's tangy, sour but really tasty and refreshing.
One of my fave fruits during summer and while most of us
dip this with salt, I prefer it with sugar... It's sweeter,
hence my apppointment with the dentist after days of
consuming it. ^0^


The origin: The santol is believed native to former Indochina.
It is commonly cultivated throughout these regions and
the fruits are abundant in the local markets.

Climate: The santol is tropical and flourishes in dry as well as moist
areas of the Philippine lowlands.

Cool Use : Its bark is used in tanning fishing lines.
It can be made as a marmalade also.

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  1. Sour but good, huh? I'd like to try it! You have so many fruits in the Philipines, lucky you :D

  2. Seeing this photo makes my salivary glands active. I prefer using salt or fish sauce instead of sugar.

    Misssssss ko na yan. Uuwi ako next moth...santol here I come hehehe.

  3. These are really good looking!

  4. Had them in Rangoon years back. I prefer them with sugar as well. Teeth? What teeth???

  5. The dentists must also earn their life!

    I beleive that santols must be quite local; never saw it anywhere - and was unfortunately never at Manila or close to.

  6. Salt and vinegar is the perfect dip for santol. The ones they sell preserved in jars have lost all their santol taste. I miss santol. Throw some my way.


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