Thursday, May 27, 2010

" Have a sit "

This is the interior of how our LRT train looks like,
still unhurried at this hour,
not crowded, so, we were pretty lucky to get comfortable seats.

The guard stretching out his right arm is politely asking the old guy
to move further ahead as seating there isn't allowed.

There's a regulation here that prioritization on the first row are for
senior citizens, children and disabled people only.

that's why most of the passengers were turning their heads, curious about the
slight commotion.


and then the rest of the seats on the first carriage are strictly for women passengers only.

and so, here we are waiting for the next stop. ^0^


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  1. Naka aircon na ba ang LRT ngayon? At may guard na rin. How interesting!

    Norwich Daily Photo

  2. Looks like a longggggggg bus! I haven't ridden a bus for a longggg time!

  3. Looks like you took a tight corner in the second shot. It must be a Pendolino train.

  4. luis: tnx! ^0^

    joy: hi! ^0! happy to hear from you! you're pinoy pala! ^0^
    yes, tagal na nka a/c, a lot has changed actually.

    leif: lol! it looks looooong indeed. ^0! tnx for droppin by!

    ab: yup, that's from where i was sitting,
    whoa! and how i wish it was a pendolino train. haha! ^0^


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