Wednesday, April 21, 2010

" Who's faster ? "

does anyone here know how to bike? ^-^


Apparently, there was a cycling event last Sunday that I wasn't aware about.
No wonder I saw some of them heading down the road.
Amidst the traffic and pollution that we're having these days.
This eager cyclist is still on the go! ^0^

melody: The bird and The worm - Owl City

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  1. Usually when there is a cycling event, the organizers would ask the city to close down traffic so it would be safer for the participants to go about the race.

  2. You may not have been aware but now even we are aware of this event so that was some effective catching up on the issue! :)

  3. I love the shot. Great energy there.

  4. tnx guys!

    Leif: oh! there are quite a few, but the car's moving so i only manage to catch one! ^0^


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