Tuesday, April 20, 2010

" The Girl outside the bus window "


I seldom take pictures inside the car, since I'm the driver, i rarely have the chance.
I was lucky to get this shot, it so happens she's looking at my direction and again, quickly took the shot without hesitation.
It was seconds later that I saw her telling this to her mom... It's a good thing the car was already moving. ^0^

melody: When I see you Smile- Bic Runga

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  1. panakaw nakaw din ako kung mag street shooting cum drive-by shooting.

  2. You've got to be lucky to get one nice candid shot like this.Excellent.

  3. Talk about seizing the moment!

    What's it like to be driving in Manila?

  4. What a beautiful little candid portrait. I think her mom would like it!

  5. Looking right at you! Great shot and great getaway, haha ;D

  6. You captured it so well. Ganyan din ako panay ang kuha kahit nakasakay sa kotse,taxi or bus.Pag kasama ko si hubby sa gala, swerte ko kasi si hubby ang driver :)

  7. thnx guys! ^0^

    per stromsjo: driving here means war, esp. when you're in the downtown area, it's chaotic, traffic, unruly, undisciplined...
    one must have lots of patience or else...^0^

    misalyn: lol,when i drive, si sis ang photographer. ^0^

  8. ...and probably a bit dangerous as well? Sorry about this. I keep complaining about our drivers but I guess it's worse in your corner.


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