Thursday, April 22, 2010

" Orange Cherry "

I saw this outside my uncle's house the other day, don't have any idea what it was,
but was attracted by its color and how tiny it looks, almost like orange cherry.
but i'm not sure.
Maybe it's bearing tiny fruits or small buds that's about to grow...
i don't know,
your guess is as good as mine. ^0^


melody: World infront of Me - Kina Grannis

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  1. I knew this. Name's at the tip of my tongue. Will let you know once I remember it.

    That's really pretty indeed.

  2. I wonder if they are safe to eat? You try them first ...

  3. I think I've seen then before but no idea what the name is. The birds must love them! Pretty shot, Arabesque ;D

  4. we have the same version of this with a golden color. we call it ""gold spot"....nicely taken


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