Monday, April 19, 2010

" Do you know who to vote for? "


Less than 2weeks before voting,candidates who are running for public office
are busy posting their campaign ads here and there. Even though there's a
mandate rule that forbids them to do so.
Politics here is a tricky game, magnetize by intrigues and scandal,over hyped
by the media which all boils down to money and power.
While there are quite a few hopefuls who has vowed to overcome corruption and alleviate poverty, I doubt that in a vast playing field where money is next to temptation and the yearning for power can sometimes turn violent.


It makes me wonder if we'll ever find a president who'll stick to his/her guns,
who's not a puppet, not a sucker, someone who's brave enough to face the real
social problem and actually find solutions for it.

But I'm keeping my fingers crossed, still keeping a positive outlook and hoping
that "change" will come soon. ^-^

melody: Howie day- Collide

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  1. Nagmukha ng bandiritas at pang fiesta. Hayyyyyyyyyyyy Pinas umasenso ka. Until now I can't even decide kung sino ang dapat iboto.

  2. Call me a pessimist, but I don't think change can come in this generation for Pinoys. As long as it's the same old family/names that you see on the ballot, no change. I need to see something new, someone new, a name that hasn't been heard before in politics to run and show what he/she can do.

  3. Yeah right, politics and honesty???

  4. Over here I'd say most politicians are honest. Sometimes misguided, sometimes incompetent but with good intentions.

    Are you saying that campaign posters are forbidden?

  5. It doesn't matter who you vote for, a politician will always get elected.

  6. Not trying to hide the illegal posters, are they? :D Change may come but the leader would have to be very strong willed!

  7. The voting hyped is pretty much same like what had happened in Jakarta. Well, it's kind hard to see if candidates really stick to their words.

  8. It appears like a very free election.
    N.B. My new blog is at
    Have a marvellous week ahead.

  9. misalyn: i know.. me too! and hirap mag decide...everyone has hidden agendas.

    photo cache: yea, i'm starting to think like one too...sadly, it's still a political dynasty here. ^0^

    per stromsjo: no, they're allowed to posts their ads, but sometimes, these politicians, they go way overboard the limit and go against the rule. ^-^
    that's the big difference, in here, we don't have honest politicians... we have lots of liars.

    tnx for droppin by! ^0^


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