Friday, April 23, 2010

" Silhouette "


*Almost 84% of the population here are Catholics, but little did we know, there are a lot of congregations here
who are true believers of their faith, hence this foto you're looking at is one of the biggest and organized sect.
This is the "Iglesia ni Cristo" which means "Church of Christ".
It was founded by Felix Manalo in 1914 and since then, has attracted many devotees who has faith in his teachings and doctrines.
So huge that it has already grown into 67congregations in different countries, including the U.S contingent.
The exact number of members is a secret, but is deem to be larger than the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which is also a well known sect. here.
The majority of Iglesia’s members are ex-Catholics.
Despite controversies, having a close relationship with policticians who were seated at that time and his teachings which holds contrary to
many Christian professing religion.
Some observers describe these beliefs as unique and distinct making it different from what is generally known as traditional Christianity.

If you notice, its architecture has narrow-pointed spires, a bit of Gothic but reminiscent of the Mormon temples.
The one you see right now is designed by Architect Carlos Santos-Viola and is considered to be one of the largest structure in the city of Quezon.

skywatch entry

melody: Salsa No.5 (beethoven's symphon#5) - Klazz Brothers

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  1. Fantastic capture arabesque. Can't help but admire the architecture.

  2. It looks like part of a castle! The silhouette is beautiful! Oh and did I mention before I love that you always post a song? ;-)

  3. We've always called it "Disneyland" because it looks like a Princess castle especially when it's lit up at night. :D


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