Sunday, April 18, 2010

" Lechon "


Lechon or Roasted Pigs as it's called is definitely one of the main highlights, must-have dish during fiestas, celebrations and special events.

The whole slab of pig's cooked in charcoal and roast to perfection.
Usually till the skin turns reddish brown, crunchy and not soggy, then the meat inside is juicy and tender.
Around Manila, the famous area where you can find fresh and tasty lechon is in
La Loma, Quezon city.
Ask any driver to take you there and you certainly won't get lost.
The roasted pigs are displayed on the sidewalks and there's a wide array of
lechon stores for you to choose from.
A certain Mr."Mang Tomas" started the whole thing of opening a shop in this area and soon a lot more followed.
Nowadays, the name Mila's lechon and Lydia's lechon are some of the common household names, although, some would beg to differ that Cebu's lechon is the best.
Whatever it is, it all boils down to your preference and taste.
This is a sample of what it looks like out there on the street.

Have you tasted one before? ^0^

melody: Oh my life! - Beth Rowley

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  1. What do they serve at the feast in addition to the pork? Am I invited?

  2. Oh yes, tasted it, and I would kill for some right now!

  3. That big is definately roasted to its tail! I remember seeing one at a supermarket in Manila and giving out a little yelp since I wasn't expecting to see a whole pig next to the cash register ;D

  4. Sobrang miss ko na yan!!! As in! Hindi ako nakakain ng lechon ng umuwi ako waaaaaa :(

  5. Oh yummm yummm yummm!

    Ooooh, but nothing beats lechon de leche. Creamy and crunchy! Cholesterol heaven!

    I'm looking at the posts I missed. Looks like you spent a lot of nights out while I was away. Hope that means you're on summer break too. ;)

  6. leif: yes, you're totally invited! ^0^

    kaori: lol, that's how we handle our pig, we love 'em! ^-^

    misalyn: oh no! di bale, pa-ship ko nalang dyan. ^-^

    hilda: yup, nothin but cholesterol alright. ^-^
    sadly, i'm not on a br8k. :(
    my vacation days are so over, but that's how i try to unwind despite my busy day... ^-^


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