Friday, April 16, 2010

" lights up! "


The other day I mentioned a park near a shopping mall called sm-mall of asia,
this is what it looks like during the night.
It almost looked right except for one little thing...
look closely, you'll see an empty bottle lying in the middle of nowhere.
Some of us tend to be stubborn, instead of throwing it in the garbage bin,
they trash things everywhere. ^0^

melody: Portishead- Glory Box

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  1. How beautiful it is out there. Yap some people are so inconsiderate.

  2. Look at all those people hanging out over there, seems like a great place to hang out! Too bad about the bottle though...

  3. i love this area, too, especially in the morning, but you're right, i wish people can be more conscious of the waste we generate.

  4. Thursday's shot was bright green, this is bright orange. Manila is surely a dazzling colourful place.


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