Thursday, April 8, 2010

" Flag "


Hey guys! i'm back from my trip! thanks for your thoughtful comments
and for missing me! ^0^
I'm still exhausted from my trip to china with pepperoni,
which was supposed to be my vacation.
Still have some hangovers on the cold weather, climbing the steep steps of the
Great wall, the historical terracota warriors and the picturesque view of the city.
An experience quite unforgettable for the both of us.

I would start posting some of it on my other blog ...soon!
...still need some time to organize my fotos. ^0^

meanwhile,it feels good to be home again, everything's back to normal.
The foto today was taken outside the forbidden palace in beijing and our tour guide was waving this flag to and fro.
For those of you who don't know, It's our national
i never realize how vital it is till we were there,
esp. when there were lots of people around the area, it's easy for you to get lost, i'm glad i recognize something familiar. ^0^

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  1. welcome back. china!!!! oh i can't wait to see your adventure.

  2. A colourful "hello"! Good to have you back.

  3. Welcome baaaaack :D Seems like you had a great trip in great weather! You caught your flag beautifully!

  4. Welcome back, can't wait to see your vacation photos.

  5. Welcome back sissy! the best thing to do right now is to leave this flag and visit your other blog. China? kelan kaya kita makikita? Dami naming kamag-anak na nasa China na hindi pa namin na-meet.

  6. Welcome back...
    Hope you had a great trip in great weather.i was really waiting for your new pics.
    flowers delivery china


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