Friday, March 26, 2010

" Sorbetero "

There's this famous song called Mamang Sorbetero during the 80's that was sung by
Celeste Legazpi.
I was still a kid back then, but this melodic tune runs in your ear everytime you hear it
on the radio and you can't keep humming or singing along with it.

"Mamang sorbetero, anong ngalan mo
Tinda mong ice cream, gustung-gusto ko
Init ng buhay, pinapawi mo
Sama ng loob, nalilimutan ko"

"Literal traslation"
Mr. Ice cream man, what's your name,
I like the ice cream that you're selling.
You lessen the heat of our house,
and let me forget my bad mood.

This is an old version of Ice cream cart, it sells local "dirty ice cream", a slang word,
but not literally dirty, in fact it's tastier than those ice creams for sale on the
It's famous for its queso (cheese), ube, chocolate and mango which are the usual flavors.
It's old school, the sorbetero (ice cream man) would roll out the cart everyday to wherever his destination may be.


And this is a newer version of it, you can instantly see the logo of Nestle, obviously owned by this company, with a modern twist, it has a music jingle installed everytime he goes along with it and it has a variety of flavors to choose from.


so what kind of sorbetero cart do you like? ^0^

Ps: i want to thank everybody who's been kind enough to take some time off, visit and comment on my blog, things have been quite busy these past weeks, (but don't they always?!) ^0^
despite my incorrect grammar or how my fotos seems to be so disorganize sometimes,
i'm glad i've shared something that's part of my city (if not everday.)
I'll be blogging off for awhile, i needed a vacation, i hope i can get one! ^-^
so, i'll be back after holy week.

I'll be off somewhere that will take me almost 4hrs. to get there,
it's gonna be cold and a mandarin speaking country.
there'll be some serious walking, (and here i am asking for a break!) ^-^,
appreciating the sights and scenes, learning its historical and cultural values that's different from us and ultimately, get more new, inspiring fotos that i could share and last, just have some fun when i get there! ^0^

so to all, i wish everyone, a happy weekend, advance happy easter and a peaceful lenten rest.

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  1. I like the old one, so much more authentic with out any logos! I'd love to hear that song ;D

  2. Hey, I want some ice cream, too! Looks like they are having fun and delicious treats~!

  3. I bet that man gets pretty tired of the jingle as he walks along...

    Good luck with your trip, get some rest as well as new perspectives and take care!

  4. Can I have one on pandelimon please?

  5. Hmmm, when I was a kid I used to be an ice cream seller :) carrying a big thermoflask bottle and walking around the village and the small town of Bintulu then shouting " Aiskrim potong, Aiskrim potong". ( Aiskrim potong is in Malay to mean icecream prepared in the form of a candy stick)It was my early training in entrepreneurship. Hav a nice rest. And don't forget to spoil yourself with some icream.

  6. Happy Easter to you as well!

  7. I love dirty ice cream, especially the very Pinoy flavors like cheese and ube. I can't help but have some every now and then even if I really shouldn't because I'm lactose intolerant. Hahaha.

    Have a safe trip and a wonderful vacation! Wishing you a blessed week and a happy Easter.

  8. I'd love to try the "dirty ice cream".

    Happy Easter and have a nice vacation!

  9. Hi Arabesque!

    I love your photos. Can we use some of your photos from this blogsite? My friend will open a Filipino Restaurant here in Portland, Oregon and he needs photos of the Philippines . So I thought of you and think if we can grab maybe 10 pics. Hope it will be fine with you. Hope to hear from you soon. :-)

  10. Lovely photos Arabesque. I like the old one best - the wheels are like gypsy caravan wheels. When a teenager, we had Mr. Whippy. His van played "Greensleeves" so we always knew when he was around.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  11. The colourful cart and the synchronized shirts made me smile when revisiting the first shot.

    Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  12. I went to YouTube to listen to Mamang Sorbetero!! Must admit that I didn't know it! :-)

    The dirty icecream sounds interesting!

    Wonderful, colourful photos!!

    Have some nice days of resting (at least from blogging)!

  13. Hey Arabesque, hope you're back soon :D

  14. sarap yung chocolate flavor talaga sa sorbetero compared to the commercial brands :D


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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