Thursday, April 8, 2010

" Centennial Airport "

The centennial airport located near NAIA (handling International flights) is considered to be one of the newest construction that solely caters to
Philiipine Airlines owned by tycoon Mr. Lucio Tan.

On an early 6-ish dawn, this is what it looks like, still dark and quiet, looks like noone is around that's because it's still early.
A pathway going inside the airport.
I like the subdued tone of this faux arch lighting it highlights the curve detail of its design. We often see the big modern side of the bldg. that we neglect to notice the small ones.


Apologies for not visiting on your blogs lately, things have been busy,
but i'll try to regain my blogging energy the soonest! ^0^
*and on another note: Haidee commented last week, asking for some of my
"food" fotos,
i'd be glad to share it and will try to provide you the most that i have,
just tell me what sort of cuisine you're looking for. ^-^ thank you!

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  1. Great image. Love the palm plants.

  2. his is quite amazing. I seem to remember something similar in Abu Dhabi airport.
    You should get an award for his great shot

  3. Wow. The best things in life are... yellow!?

  4. Looks like a big, long tent tunnel! I love the potted, green plants!

  5. What a contrast to the other photos in this blog, so empty and futuristically modern


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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