Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Election 2010 "

As much as we're familiar with the candidates who are running for presidency this coming May.


It helps when we see them on t.v adverts or newspapers and why not "paper cups"?!


There's a new gimmick at 7-11 that offers Slurpy and cold beverage drinks.


But instead of ordinary cups, the presidentiable's faces are printed on the cups
and you get to choose which among them you like the most.

Coincidentally, a client of ours bought a drink for himself and chose this as
his favorite.


Anyone of you who might be able to recognize his face? ^0^


It's our former-ousted President Erap Estrada who's running again for the 2nd time.
Call it dejá-vu ! ^-^

Inside the store, they even put up a poll banner for updates on who's leading.


Although i'm staying away from cold drinks, too tempting! i think i'll buy one sometime. ^0^

melody: When I look to the sky - Train

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  1. Sigh. Everything about this campaign is making me sick. Especially Villar showing up in all Google ads!!!

    I've actually put my orange leggings away until after the elections. Hahaha!

  2. very colorful posters and accessories .... i bet the candidates spend a lot of money for those things ...

  3. the practice i supposed has been copied from the movies. part of their promotion is soda cups with the film poster printed on it.

    i think this is very effective form of advertisement.

  4. Wow, now that's a way to promote elections! We have such low voting percentages here. Maybe because we are not allowed to use promotion like this during elections.

  5. Everything about this politicians,campaign ads and the election itself is making me sick. Even here in the UAE, Pinas elections is making me sick. Why? I can still read everything about in UAE's leading newspapers.


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