Thursday, March 25, 2010

" Casa Manila "

Casa Manila began its construction during the 1980's,
headed by Architect R. Faustmann.
It's a mélange of varied cultural influences and was a detailed and complex research, the purpose of which was to re-lived what was once the glory and grandeur days of old Intramuros.


Seeing the whole facade as well as its interior, one can't help but feel a sense of nostalgia to it.
1981, marks the date that this 3storey structure was constructed.


another picturesque angle along the patio, its main source of air and light.
It drew in the cool air by
night and by day provided sunlight for household chores.
It also served as a thruway for carriages.


Some of you might be bored about this whole Casa Manila saga that i have for this week,
but i assure you today will be my last post. ( hopefully for now...)
tomorrow, we're heading back to reality. ^0^

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  1. Not bored at all. The way you're telling the story makes it interesting.

    1981, eh? Oh yes, I remember that year...

  2. I wanna touch dos walls. Amazing structure.



  3. that last image is wonderful. it captured the essence and beauty of the place as I remembered it.

  4. The building is interesting for what it represents - an attempt to recreate some filtered version of history. Well worth a few photos

  5. A wonderful building indeed ... and the surprise to see that it was constructed in 1981!!


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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