Tuesday, March 23, 2010

" Casa Manila "

Welcome to Casa Manila, a continuation to yesterday's post.
The house is referred to as a "Bahay na Bato" inspired architecture,
a colonian filipino house, which could be a mixture of spanish, filipino and chinese infuence.


This small entryway leads you to teatrillo, which has now become a cultural-commercial complex.
Open for weddings, debuts and other functions.


There's also some decorative pieces you'll find in this area.
This mirror, quite unique in its design has this curved protruding hooks, use for hanging hats perhaps during the old times, also is this interesting commode which i think serves as foyer .
The walls are made of "Adobe", (earthen brick) or volcanic tuffs.
Its intricate pieces adds glamour to this old casa and how i wish i could describe this
foto better. ^0^


and this is the other side of it, the whole thing with the incandescent lights on, would've looked very in the "spanish era", but of course, there had to be something that's out of the picture.
I think you know what it is, the time-in charts, why do they have to put it on display here? ^0^


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  1. These are really neat and I love that eerie glow of yellow. I know you said the influence is Spanish and Chinese, but I can't help thinking how Gothic it seems, too!
    And also, glad the EXIF data helps you :) It's hardly a hassle if I know that someone benefits from it.

  2. Great shots. I have always liked this kind of architecture.

  3. Wow. Imagine strolling around here late at night. Spooky...

  4. I like the arches and the stone building.

  5. The ironwork is magnificent - a work of art! That's a gem of a spot!


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