Monday, March 22, 2010

" Casa Manila "


Anyone who's been here will take one look at this foto and instantly recognize where it is.
I've posted the walled city of Intramuros many times before but this would be the first to introduce you
one of the remaining old houses that is "Casa Manila".
It was once called Barrio de San Luis, it takes you back during the Spanish period in the mid 1880's.
A lot has been said and blogged about this place, yet it never ceases to amaze me that despite some of the
old and torn down Spanish houses that has been left abandoned.
This structure stil remains in good shape and well preserved.

Inside is this inviting courtyard and a fountain surrounded by lush greenery.
The stairs you see above heads to the main Casa and interior which sadly prohibits us from taking fotos.

To know more about its rich history click to Casa Manila

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  1. So beautiful! Love all the plants in the photo ;)

  2. Beautiful!Been to that place long time ago..hmmm...let me think....16years ago.

    Thanks for sharing. You made smile, it brings back memories. :)

  3. This a very nice shot. I really like the composition here. The architecture is so gorgeous with all that foliage :) Have a great week!

  4. Even I who's only been there once a looong time ago remember this exact spot. Oh I wish to be back there someday.

  5. Well snapped.

    For whatever reason, this instantly reminds me of Taormina, Sicily.

  6. I love that courtyard too! Plus a meal at Barbara's. :)


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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