Wednesday, February 10, 2010



This is the closest shot I could get...a fountain and its still waters.
seen outside the museum of Ayala in Makati.
Pepperoni and i were silently capturing these reflections, seconds later, a security guard calmly arrived and told us...
"ma'am, sorry but no picture taking...the facade of the edifice, not even this fountain... unless you have a valid permit and reason to..."
I never let him finish his sentence, we smiled and said "never mind, it's okay..."

It could've been an interesting one to post to, sadly, even the facade is off limits... is there so much "treasure" inside that's too valuable to share?
do we look like paparazzi/terrorists?

*Ps: Inspired by other cdp bloggers, who can capture a good water reflection. ^0^

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  1. It is a pretty nice reflection nevertheless.

  2. I really have a problem with banning photography on all public places. What is there in that bldg that would merit an attack and are you a spy?

  3. A very nice reflection it is. Well done.

    Photography seems to become more and more restricted in public places everywhere but I've never heard about this kind of posture outside a museum. Strange.

  4. Nice shoot. I salute you for took a picture in no-picture-taking place. Sometimes,I did too. More challenging and fun,I guess.

  5. good shot Arabesque, i am also bit stubborn when it comes to taking pics in the museums ;) take lang ng take pag di naktingin yung guard grilash ;)

    weee! so excited Arabesque ;) i'm coming home :)

  6. Good shot with the arabesque! There are some places that we thought are not that beautiful! Just see it in the other view.

  7. Next time, just cross the street and take pictures from there. That's what I do when I'm in Makati.

    A friend who used to work in Ayala Land explained the reason to me just yesterday. I didn't buy it.

    Glad you got this in through. The reflection's pretty! Looks like a watercolor painting.

  8. Looks like a painting, a vision...great.

  9. Nice reflection shot arabesque! Sadly, we're facing this all over the world, photography in public places becomes more restricted every day. How can I hurt by shooting the facade of the building? Maybe the security guard was just overzealous, it happened to me before (I went in and asked if that was true, that I'm not allowed to photograph the facade and they said no, the guard doesn't know the rules. But maybe they just wanted to shut me up :) )


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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