Thursday, February 11, 2010

"look up young man, look up! "

As the title suggest, ever heard of this familiar phrase ?!
People who often pass by this bridge would be...


Or maybe not...
It's the official slogan of a university here called FEATI.

Overlooking Sta. Cruz bridge, The Far Eastern Aeronautics School, as it was named before, is a private institution built since 1946, it was founded by Dr. Salvador, who had this great vision to improve the aeronautical standards here in the Phils.

Over the years, this institution has undergone major architectural changes, but still maintained its 5 hectare campus and its well (almost) famous slogan.

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  1. It has undergone major architectural changes indeed. Been there 5 years ago and it really looked different.

    You reminded me of my college days. Hubby's from Mapua and madalas namin madaanan ang bridge na yan pag galing sya sa boarding house sa Sampaloc tapos punta kami sa Joy Student Center na malapit lang sa Mapua para mag gitara, magpingpong at mag bible study.

  2. What a great building! Looks like a wonderful campus.

  3. I also try to find leaves or twigs or whatever for a foreground, it does add some perspective and seems to work every time.

    As for their slogan, it's not bad at all.

  4. I don't remember it looking like this, thanks for all the blasts from the past :D

  5. Wow. Their buildings look like glass hangars! Do they have planes in there?? ;)

  6. I've never seen this before and thanks for sharing, i'm seeing new things from Mnl.

  7. I would say that for a school it looks good. I would be curious to see how it looked five years ago.


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