Monday, December 21, 2009

There's much to see on the inside than it is on the outside


Filipinos in general are very religious, most of us here are devout Catholics.
But in the Southern part of our country in Mindanao , a lot of them are mostly Muslims.

In manila, the Muslim community would either live in Quiapo or in Baclaran.
The foto i'm showing you right now is in Quiapo.
This is the side entrance of the mosque...fascinated at its colorful palette and pattern...something you don't see often.
Look closer and you'll see the "Missing" posted on the wall.
They have populated Manila recently due to pirated Dvd's and their jaw dropping Jewelry. ^0^

Ironically, in some countries, their mosques would look very grand, gilded, ornate and visitors/tourists are welcome to visit inside as long as they follow the r&r.
But i don't think it's the same here.

It's a bit scary to go beyond their territory because, if you're not one of them, they often see you as a threat.
When i went there, I was the only "white" asian Filipino taking pictures and i can't help the feeling that someone could be following or watching us. ^0^
I think Muslims here are often misunderstood by the society, where racial and prejudice are always a strong issue because of their different outlooks and beliefs.
But i have known muslim locals living here for sometime and once you get to know them, they are good hearted people,just often misjudged by the public.

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  1. True, it takes time to get to know one. Great photo. Btw, my photo yesterday were of Buddhist nuns.

  2. I like the shot, the colors are so intense (and beautiful). I've never lived in a country with a powerful Muslim minority but I can extrapolate from other experiences; you're right, on the whole people are always afraid of what they don't know, of what looks different.


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