Saturday, December 19, 2009


While christmas trees and holly seems to be everywhere, the other night while stuck on traffic on the way to get some gas for my car.
I saw this humongous "Globe" at sm-moa- mall of asia.
Blame it on bad photography, i just couldn't get a good shot of this because the lights keep blinking and flickering. ^0^
anyway, bottom line... it's a few days before christmas! weee!

have you bought gifts for your loved ones already? or still anticipating the christmas rush?





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  1. I'm visiting my loved ones instead of fueling the shopping hysteria around here.

    Capturing light decorations that keep blinking and changing is difficult. Been there.

  2. Wow. Except for that last one though! ;D

    Would you believe I've never been to MOA??

  3. Great shots. mapapawow ka talaga. Iba pa rin talaga sa Pinas. Kahit dumaan sa matinding unos dama pa rin ang spirit ng holidays.

    Been there twice. How I wish next year makita ko ang nakita mo.

  4. per stromsjo: i'm glad someone share my sentiments. ^0^

    hilda: haha! you really always catch the "ugly" side of the foto! the reason why i posted the last one was to confirm that it was in mOa. ^-^
    but never been there yet?! well, every shopping mall looks more or less the same. ^0^

    misalyn: haha, malay mo mas maganda pa next year and yes, kahit na medyo tipid ang mga tao ngayn, ramdam parin khit papaano ang christmas! ^0^

  5. Been to MOA once only, wish to see this lovely deco there, sometime...

  6. never been to moa, but i will next year *winks* nice shots Arabesque :)

    go girl! keep posting beautiful pictures of our country ;)

  7. I think it's pretty hard to get something better than what you did; don't be too hard on yourself, I think you got a nice effect there. I took care of all the gifts in one day of shopping most of which I spent in a bookshop. My family and friends would have to start reading :)


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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