Monday, December 7, 2009

Pretty in Pink

salted eggs anyone? ^0^


Inside the kitchen of almost every Filipino, you'll either find colorful pink eggs stacked inside their refrigerator or simply placed in the dining during mealtime.
It's one of our must-have foods we can't live without.
Boil it, slice it, mixed it with fresh chopped tomatoes or have it as it is and match it with garlic rice....erm, yummy for me indeed! ^0^

I don't know why it had to be in fuchsia pink! maybe the reason why they're dyed in this color is to differentiate it from the other farm eggs.

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  1. That is certainly an eye-catching shade of pink!

    I see lots of white eggs, too. A very nice market-photograph.

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  2. wow! great color! is it pink inside the egg too?

  3. Tsalap yan (tulo laway hehehe). One of the best ulam talaga, yari sa akin yan pag yan ang ulam namin hehehe.

    Meron namang nabibili dito sa UAE kaso sobrang mahal.

  4. I've NEVER seen pink eggs like that before now! Fun!

  5. Reminds me I haven't had this in a very long time. Great shot, fabulous blog.

  6. Pretty shade! The ones in our corner grocery is a brick red. The ones I actually buy aren't colored — obviously, it's from a special supplier. ;)

  7. Is there a difference in taste or simply it is a matter of "presentation"?

  8. Oh what a beautiful colour. Such a pretty colour too. I've never seen eggs like this before - all ours are just plain old brown or white. do they taste any different?
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  9. Amazing color, I really like this market shot.

  10. wow! itlog na pula ;) mmm! yummy! you captured the colors of the eggs good, thanks for sharing ;)


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