Friday, December 11, 2009

"Minor Basilica of Black Nazarene"


It's not one of the oldest but most popularly known as the "Quiapo" church.
It is home to the "Black Nazarene", a much venerated statue of Jesus Christ which many people believe has miraculous attributes.
Inspired by Mexican Baroque edifice, it was burned down in 1928 and at present belongs to the Archdiocese of Manila.

Black nazarene is celebrated every 9th of January, this statue will be carried out by at least 50-100 people outside the church, where devotees would be waiting as thousands would pray for safety, peace of mind and mostly for health reasons.
Usually the guys would walk on barefoot the whole day, which symbolizes their devotion and strengthening their faith.

I was kind of disappointed when i was there, although you're free to take pictures outside, it was different once you're inside.
I was quickly approached by a security staff who told me that picture taking isn't allowed unless i have a permit.
Which i have to clearly state my reasons as to why i want take photos inside the church. I wasn't even carrying a hi-tech camera or a dlsr...
I have visited quite a lot of churches in my lifetime but never have i imagined that in this very common and everyday church scenario.
The rules implemented can be very strict and personally, i find it the situation to be very killjoy!
But who am i to complain right?
Anyways, i still manage to take a peek inside, it's a pity, a church with all its history and beauty but only a few of us can see.


see more skies! this friday!

ps: might run short of posting onwards, work can really be busy these days,
but still glad that you guys could drop by and comment! ^0^

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  1. Pang postcard man ga :)

    Ganda ng background,blue sky with soft cotton-like clouds.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Extraordinary architecture! Great photos of exterior and interior! Does it have any Christmas decorations yet? (hint, hint)

  3. Gorgeous photos! The church is very pretty.

  4. Beautiful church, glad you could show us a peek of the interior as well.

  5. I haven't been to the Quiapo Church in ages. Always pass by it on our way to the CCP but we obviously only see the side. Sad to find out one can't take photos inside.

    Great shot of a beautiful facade. Except for those bright yellow rails, ugh.

  6. misalyn: hi! ^0^
    haha, glad you like it.

    irredento urbanita, dilletante, andreea: thnks!

    Leif hagen: no decorations yet... ^0^

    hilda: tnx! i know, i hate those rails too! they spoil the view and the arch. ^0^

  7. thanks for sharing our very own culture Arabesque, i am bit ashame now, i never knew how beautiful our country is....


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