Saturday, December 5, 2009

gabled roof


This is what a *barangay outpost* in our country would look like.

Barangay which again comes from a spanish word meaning barrio,
is a small administrative division that manages a particular street/district.
You have the Barangay Captain or "Chairman" who is in charge of everything and in situations where there are minor or major disputes within his vicinity, you would likely report the problem to him or his kagawads (co-officials).
During the night, *tanods* better known as watchmen will patrol the area to keep the place safe.

Although to some, it might seem typical,
I was attracted by its gable roofing which is uncommon, but maybe
because this edifice i took was in Quiapo which lately has been branded as a "Muslim" area. so maybe it has this sort of Asian, muslim-ish inspired?!
The roof has also this intricate pattern work which i find it quite unique.
The painted names on the wall are members of the administration which also includes the name of the Mayor.

happy weekend to everyone! ^0^

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  1. It is not typical especially nowadaYS that most of the Brgy Halls are renovated. During my holiday (last July) i noticed and I have seen that most of the Brgy. halls are big and spacious. I must say that it is quite unique.

    There is one brgy hall somewhere in Metro Manila, naghihirap na ang mga tao pero super pinondohan talaga, nagmukha na syang municipal hall.


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