Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"If it looks good, Eat it"


No this isn't some experiment jar in some lab project.
A well-known street food which is very cheap and yummy!
I think you should have realize by now that Filipinos love eating. ^0^
Green Mangoes can be eaten as it is or better yet, put a generous amount of shrimp paste or Bagoong as we call it here.

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  1. It's healthy - it's a fruit! Eat up!

  2. what's the liquid in the jar? certainly not the shrimp paste?

    looks refreshing. would love to try.

  3. I'm guessing that they are in water so the color stays nice? I've never tried shrimp paste - is it salty?

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  4. Definitely looks good enough to eat. All of them.

  5. Google knows it all. Apparently, Bagoong is known here as räkpasta. You wouldn't want to try pronouncing that! ;)

  6. awww! nakakapaglaway naman yan! yummy! i miss manggang hilaw at bagoong ;)

  7. I would never have crossed my mind to eat shrimp paste with green mangoes but I'd be willing to try it now that I found out about it.

  8. Green mangoes! Now, I really want to try them!

  9. leif hagen: yes it's scrumptious! ^0^

    eki: that's just water to prevent the fruit from spoiling, see the brown color jar on the far right? that would be the shrimp paste. ^0^

    in3riversmichigan: yes, it's a tinge of salt and sweet taste to it. the thought of explaining how it taste like, makes my stomach churn. ^0^

    rob n mandy: hehe, it's certainly delectable.

    per stromsjo: haha,but i did try! it sounds funny but couldn;t believe there's an actual swedish word to it. ^0^

    maricar: i know how you feel,..^0^
    hehe. btw, tnx or stoppin by! ^0^

    andreea: yea, the food's not really for everyone, but there;s always a first to everything. ^0^

  10. ab: hi ab, you should try it...^0^

  11. nangasim ako bigla. sarap nyan lalo na kung spicy yung bagoong.


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