Thursday, December 17, 2009

a street named Beaterio


I wish I would've known more about Beaterio w/c is located in Intramuros.
Is it inspired by some spanish name? or just some random street sign?
Unfortunately, all i got was this foto when the sun's about to set.

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  1. Someone will know more and might stop by here. Sharing is a great way to learn more. The magic of the web...

  2. I like this picture. The colors of the sky are unique and the contrast with the trees and other interesting subjects adds to the composition. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Apparently the name comes from beatas which were some women dedicated to prayer and charitable work.

  4. per stromsjo: and someone did!
    tnx to andreea who really did all the research. ^0^

    gwendolyn: tnx!

    andreea: tnx for looking it up. ^-^


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