Friday, December 4, 2009



You know you're in Intramuros when you passed by this kind of alley along Cabildo street and the floor's filled with cobblestones.
This historic structure on the left is Casa Manila. I've posted this before but on a smaller scale.

ps: thank you for all your comments for these past few days...
been busy lately so don't have the time to reply,
but I'll still be visiting your blogs from time to time. ^0^

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  1. This is not an easy shot because the blue sky is too bright but still it came out well.

    I like pavements like these although they are hard to walk on.

  2. I like the feel and textures of this photo! I love cobblestone streets - lots of character!

  3. as always, namimiss ko ang Pinas dahil sa mga photos mo. Thanks for 'taking me there'

    Lovely sky caught my attention, nagkaroon sya ng magandang contrast sa pavements and sa bahay/buildings.


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