Tuesday, November 24, 2009


What used to be a seemingly old dilapidated edifice, has recently been renovated into a more appealing
Art deco-ish theme.

The Miramar hotel situated along Roxas blvd., almost
right across the US embassy and museo pambata (lit. museum for kids) is a low-budget hotel
that has been in business since 1930.

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  1. The hotel and the park in front of it remind me of a similar hotel at Miami beach.

  2. Looking good! I guess it's more than 50 degrees there . . . . ha!

  3. An interesting looking building.

  4. Like Eki, it made me think of Miami as well. Interesting building. Retro is ok!

  5. Looks great now! And the flame lamp actually matches it — great!

  6. eki: hehe, yes, that's what i wanted to say on my post but i changed my mind instead. ^0^

    leif hagen: haha, you bet! ^0^ tnx for droppin by!

    andreea, rob n mandy: tnx! ^0^

    hilda: glad you could dropped by despite your hectic week! ^0^
    haha, the matching colors of red on red!

  7. 1930? are you sure?
    i guess it is well maintained to not look that old. :-)

  8. haha, i was sure i guess?!
    i did a quick research about it,
    i was shocked by its history also, but in here, we do have lots of old structures so...
    btw, this was re-modeled again last 2005, that's why it looks "new". ^0^


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