Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There is this other side of Manila that's not visited quite often.
This quiet corner where it seems to be deserted and abandoned.


Baluarte de San Andres is one of the tourist spots here in Intramuros .
It was built in 1603 to protect the real gate on its right flank and reinforce the south eastern
part of Intramuros. Further ahead you can almost see the National Museum .

Did you know that you have to actually climb this "wall" to get a better view.
Exactly where both of them were seated?
that's steep! a scary thing I'll never try...^0^

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  1. Ahhhh that place is special....brings back some college days memories. been there for several times.

  2. A beautiful setting; I like the photo, it actually inspires peace and quiet.

  3. Perfect spot! Great view of the museum and of the lovely old stone walls.

    I think I can sit but not stand on that slope. ;)

  4. Sometimes the most interesting places are those the tourists don't go to.
    What is the steep "wall" for?
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  5. misalyn: ^0^ ah, reminiscing the good ol' days, hope those memories reminded you of the goos ones.

    chin: tnx! ^0^

    andreea: yeah, it;s actually very serene up there.

    hilda: haha, i know, scary it is! ^-^

    blossom flower girl: hi! the "wall" which is more like a fortress wall was used by the spaniards as their protection against the enemies. most of the peeps who lived their during that time were the spaniards...
    It's off limits to filipinos and common peeps.
    i'll post more about this next time. haha, have to review my history subject! ^0^


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