Monday, November 23, 2009


Along Makati, you will find the famous Ayala Ave. (sort of the wall street of NYC.)
It is the heart of the central business district where you'll find the Phil. Stock Exchange, landmark skyscrapers, posh malls and hotels.
This is Insular Life Bldg. which used to be Ayala House Tower.
It's not one of the tallest bldg. here but the structure is at its modern style.

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  1. Yes, a very nice shot ... of a building like one that we now find in all cities over the world. I must admit that I of course prefer your, as I imagine, more typical Manila scenes! (Remark by somebody who has never been there!) :-)

  2. rob n mandy: tnx! ^0^

    peter: well, i try to show the modern side of manila sometimes, but will still post more of the real scenes here. ^0^
    tnx for the hint...

  3. I like your angle take of this building. It makes a beautiful picture.

  4. I don't usually like these glass buildings which as Peter said have taken over the world, but this one looks interesting because of the shooting angle.

    Btw, I liked your movie reviews blog - I couldn't find the link to the comments there (you have them turned off? or I just missed them? dso I had to say it here)

  5. eki: tnx! that's why i like this foto bec. of the angle that i took.

    andreea: hi andreea, yes, the movie blog was turned off before but now, i don;t know why i can;t enable them anymore, i think it's got a "bug" of some sort.
    i have to re-do it one of these days...tnx for taking your time to read my reviews.^0^ haha, been busy these past few weeks so don;t have time to post something new...


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